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About us


Amad Design & Procurement Company has been established on Sep. 2005. However we are a young company but because of more than 20 years experience of our managing team in HVAC systems Design, Procurement and Installation, we found our way in the market, very soon and took strong steps in this way towards our target which is good quality in service and customer satisfaction.


Our main activities are as follows:

A)    HVAC Design for:

  • Oil, Gas & Petrochemical plants
  • Power plants & industrial complexes
  • Commercial & Residential complexes
  • Hospitals & clean rooms

B)    HVAC Equipments & Accessories procurement:

  • Blast Proof Doors, Valves & Dampers, as Temet (Finland) exclusive agent
  • Damper & Valve actuators, as Gruner (Germany) exclusive agent
  • Explosion Proof Damper & Valve Actuators, as Edelweiss (Italy) exclusive agent
  • Fire & Smoke Dampers and Pressure Relief Dampers, as Halton (Finland) exclusive agent
  • Explosion Proof Fans, as Rosenberg (Germany) agent
  • Duct Accessories such as Flexible Ducts, Flexible connectors, as Esbo (Turkey) exclusive agent
  • Volume Dampers, Supply & Exhaust Grills & Diffusers, Sand Trap Louvers silencers from  local market

C)    HVAC installation & construction works:

  • Installation & commissioning of HVAC equipments
  • Ducting, piping & plumbing related to HVAC systems
  • Installation & commissioning of industrial ventilating systems

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